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EXTENDED – Course Announcement: The Regional Training Course on Indigenous Peoples’ Self-government and Democracy

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Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact is launching its first course on Self-government and Democracy for indigenous leaders and scholars. The course is designed to help equip those with strong desire to regain indigenous sovereignty and re-build the strong system of indigenous governance that once prevailed in Indigenous societies in Asia.

In the first round, the course will accept applicants from Malaysia, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. To apply for the course, kindly follow the details provided below.

Statement of Goal

Indigenous Peoples have their own unique governance systems. However, these indigenous governance systems are slowly diminishing in practice and acceptance in many indigenous societies in Asia.

There are two reasons for this state of affairs; one, the inherent nature of the pluralist modern state to undermine the validity and efficacy of the customary laws, indigenous social systems, and indigenous society.  And two, Indigenous Peoples themselves, especially their leaders, who have tended to accept the ‘superiority’ of ‘modern’ knowledge systems, and who have given higher regard and value to the doctrines and values of the dominant religions, of which they are now followers.

Nevertheless, there is a very strong desire and movement to revive Indigenous Peoples’ sovereignty–and with it, its knowledge systems–in order to reclaim, and recover, the strong system of indigenous governance that once prevailed in Indigenous societies.

To successfully do this, Indigenous Peoples from the grassroot level to the country and regional levels, need to be re-trained, even re-educated, so that through the decolonization of the mainstream governance system, the Indigenous Peoples’ self-governance is given its rightful and needed place.

This course on Indigenous Peoples’ Self-government and Democracy is aimed at filling the void, created by the loss of indigenous sovereignty, for those wanting to revive and recover Indigenous Peoples’ governance systems. It is also aimed, through critical reflection, at identifying and recognizing the importance of the core values governing and organizing indigenous societies. Inspiring creativity and finding ways to re-install their values would be the first step towards achieving an alternative (Indigenous Peoples) way of governing.

Qualification, eligibility, and requirements

The course is designed for both theorical understand and practical application of knowledge and skills in mobilizing indigenous communities and organisations for re-building their communities and nations. Educational qualification, practical knowledge, and experience of working with organisations and communities in the field of self-determination and democracy will apply in the selection of applicants. And all applicants must be proficient in reading and writing in English.

AIPP is looking out for highly committed and motivated indigenous leaders who are working on the right to self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and democracy with their organisation or community. Indigenous scholars working on the same subject with indigenous organisations and communities are also encouraged to apply. AIPP also encourages indigenous women applicants.

The course will be intensive and Part I of the course will run from 8 – 18 November 2021 and all selected applicants are required to participate fully on all days. Part II of the course will follow Part I, which will be written assignment chosen by the individual course participants on topics relating to the course. Details will be provided to the selected candidates.


  1. Fully completed application form
  2. Mission statement (included in the application form)
  3. Endorsement letter from an organisation or a community
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Interview may be conducted for shortlisted applicants

Allowance for the participants:

Daily allowance as per AIPP’s policy will be provided to the participant for the days of the course.

Selection Process of candidates for the course:

The applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. The selection committee is comprised of representatives from regional team and AIPP.

Submission of application:

The applicants will fill in the attached application form and submit it with a curriculum vitae and endorsement letter of AIPP’s member-organizations in Nepal, Bangladesh, Northeast India and Malaysia to AIPP via these emails: and by 10 October 2021.

Click here to download the call for applicants

Click here to download the application form


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