Call for submission for HerStory5


HerStory series has been a landmark of Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact’ (AIPP ‘s) journey to reminisce, acknowledge, and celebrate Indigenous Women’s achievements, struggles and contributions in various sphere of their life. These extraordinary stories of Indigenous Women aim to inspire Indigenous Peoples with different identities including Indigenous Women, Indigenous Peoples with Disability (IPwDs), LGBTIQ and youths with their legacies and aspirations in the struggle for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Women.

The past four series of HerStory,  Her Story of Empowerment, Leadership and Justice (2013); Rewriting HerStory: A Collection of Essays by Indigenous Women (2014); Championing Community Land Rights and Indigenous Women’s Leadership in Asia (2015); Struggles and Successes: Indigenous Women’s Voices and Perspectives (2020), have successfully captured the struggles, bravery and courage of Indigenous Women in fighting for their rights to lands territories and resources; their pathways to empowerment, leadership, endeavors for Indigenous Knowledge promotion and protection, and their exceptional role in building Indigenous movement and peace process. These have been narrations of joy, fight, victory, aspirations, dream, and reality of Indigenous Women across Asia in their voyage of life. These series have been reciprocated positively and constructively by academicians, well-wishers and different stakeholders who are working for or interested in Indigenous Peoples and intersecting issues.

AIPP, in 2020, will continue to rejoice Indigenous Women’s insights and efforts across Asia by documenting and publishing their personal and community experiences in HerStory5. Through this, AIPP hopes to raise voices of Indigenous Women and their rights, draw global attention on their issues and concerns, enhance the visibility of their contribution, and promote solidarity and collective actions.

Hence, AIPP requests you all to join hand in sourcing, documenting, and disseminating inspirational stories of Indigenous Women across the Asia region and globally. This year we will continue to focus on the following themes:

  1. Role and contribution of Indigenous Women Human Rights Defenders to protect, promote and advance Indigenous Women’s rights, Indigenous Peoples rights, and identity, rights to lands, territories, and resources, defending for climate and  gender justice with Indigenous perspective, and demanding for Indigenous Knowledge protection and promotion.
  2. Role of Indigenous Women in promoting Indigenous Women’s leadership; organizing Indigenous women; promoting gender equality;  reducing gender-based violation and discrimination in customary and traditional practices; fighting against human trafficking; improving participation in social and political institution;  advancing Indigenous Women’s Economic Rights striving for generational equality, (You an chose one or more relevant topics)
  3. Indigenous Women’s role in COVID-19: Pandemic impact has severe globally but differently to Indigenous Peoples with different identities. While struggling globally to cope with it, Indigenous Women have set different milestone with collective action and good practices. This will reflect and cover stories of struggle, response, adaptation, collective action and coping strategies against COVID 19 by Indigenous Women.

We would like to ‘HEAR’ and ‘TELL’ the stories of Indigenous Women or Indigenous Women Group or Networks from across ASIA on above themes.

Please submit your stories (Annex 1: Story Guideline and template) latest by Sept 30, 2020

For any queries and support, please contact: [email protected]

Click here to download details information and application guideline.

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