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Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), through ‘HerStory Series’ has been rejoicing the successes and disseminating the aspirations of Indigenous Women change makers across the Asia.  In 2019, AIPP plans to mark and celebrate International Women’s Day ‘8 March’. The theme for International Women’s Day this year is ‘Better the balance. Better the World (#BalanceforBetter)’. AIPP will maintain its legacy and contribute ‘#BalanceforBetter’ through documenting and disseminating changes, struggles and achievements of Indigenous Women change maker. Hence, AIPP plans to publish ‘HerStory 4’; the fourth in a series of book-length collections of personal essays and stories from Indigenous Women or Indigenous Women group change makers across Asia.

In the past, HerStory of Empowerment Leadership and Justice (2013) , Rewriting HerStory: A Collection of Essays by Indigenous Women (2014)  and HerStory3: Championing Community Land Rights and Indigenous Women’s Leadership in Asia (2016) have proven to be effective ways of ensuring the stories, struggles and triumphs of Indigenous Women in the region are heard. All the collections were widely distributed amongst CSO’s and donors, and were even picked up by some academic institutions to contribute to university curriculums. Therefore, ‘HerStory 4’ will be the opportunity to inform the public of the realities of Indigenous Women’s struggles and achievements, as told by Indigenous Women themselves. This year, AIPP has planned to mark International Women’s Day through launching ‘HerStory 4’ with the theme of ‘Role of Indigenous Women in Balance for Better’. Through documenting, compiling and publishing these stories, we hope to:

  • Raise awareness on the issues of Indigenous Women in Asia
  • Create a tool that can be used for advocacy at all levels
  • Increase recognition of the rights of indigenous women, both within their communities and outside
  • Promote the solidarity of all Indigenous Women
  • Empower Indigenous Women to share their stories

For HerStory 4, we are requesting join our hand in sourcing and documenting stories of Indigenous Women across the region. This year our theme is on the cross-section between

  1. Indigenous Women’s Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Traditional Knowledge. Experienced economic empowerment and can describe the positive and negative aspects of this empowerment process, including any backlash she may have received; Have used their traditional skills and knowledge in an innovative way to generate income and sustain livelihood for the household and the community, whilst still preserving the culture, land and natural resources around them; Indigenous women entrepreneurs who have overcome extreme hardships by empowering themselves economically or engaging in local market-based activities.
  2. Role of Indigenous Women in advancing Indigenous Language: UN has declared 2019 as International Year of Indigenous Languages. Hence, any stories related to Indigenous languages will be highly considered. Indigenous women’s (or group or network or association ) struggle or success work on Indigenous Languages in any form (formal or informal education, transfer to younger generations,  recognition in policies, breaking the language barrier etc.)
  3. Role and contribution of Indigenous Women Human Right Defenders to protect, promote and advance Indigenous people rights and identity; right to land, territories and resources.
  4. Experiences, stories of success and struggles of Indigenous Women in combating, adapting and mitigating the impact of Climate Change.
  5. Indigenous Women’s leadership in promoting gender equality, reducing gender based violation and discrimination in customary and traditional practices, fighting against human trafficking, improving participation in social and political institution.

We would like to hear the stories of indigenous Women or Indigenous Women Group or associations.

Please submit your stories latest by 28 February 2019. For any queries and support, please contact The story template can be downloaded from here.

If you cannot meet this deadline or having problem with English write up but would still like to participate, please contact or to discuss alternative options.

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