Call for Expression of Interest: Consultancy for Midterm Review [NEW DEADLINE]

Call for Expression of Interest: Consultancy for Mid-term Review of the project “Advancing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in REDD+ and Strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ Forest Management and Livelihoods in Vietnam and Myanmar”


Interested and qualified candidates are requested to send an Expression of Interest to Mr. Lakpa Nuri Sherpa at  and Ms. Joann Guillao at no later than 12 October 2018.

The Expression of Interest should include:

  • CV
  • Daily fee in USD
  • Brief technical proposal, indicating main methodological considerations
  • Three references, to whom AIPP Secretariat may contact

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the interviews. For more information about AIPP, please visit our websites: and


The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) is a regional organization established in 1992 by indigenous peoples’ movements across Asia.  It acts as the forum and mechanism for building and strengthening the solidarity and cooperation of indigenous peoples in Asia for the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, protection of bio-diversity and the environment and promotion of sustainable development.   Through the years, AIPP has developed its programmes to address the key issues of indigenous peoples in Asia through capacity building, lobby and advocacy, organizational strengthening and networking.

Environment Programme is one of the main programmes of AIPP that aims for the recognition, protection and respect of the collective rights of indigenous peoples to land, territories and resources; and knowledge of indigenous peoples on sustainable natural resource management systems, food sovereignty and livelihoods at local, national, regional and international levels.  Under the Environment Programme, there is an ongoing five-years project titled “Advancing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in REDD+ and Strengthening Indigenous People’s Forest Management and Livelihoods in Vietnam and Myanmar” that started since 2016. The project is supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) under the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI). AIPP project partners include Center for Sustainable Development in the Mountainous Areas (CSDM) in Vietnam and Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) in Myanmar.

This is the third year of the implementation of project in Myanmar and Vietnam. Based on the contract between AIPP and Norad, mid-term review of the project shall be conducted focusing on verification of key results, progress on Norad’s standardized reporting information, and provision of recommendations for the remaining project duration. The mid-term review specifically will focus on the relevance and effectiveness of the project’s objectives. In this context, AIPP is looking for an independent and experienced evaluator to conduct mid-term review of the project.

Outcomes of the Project:
The Project has three outcomes. They are:

  • Outcome 1: Indigenous peoples in Vietnam and Myanmar are aware of their rights and have strengthened their organizations, capacities and skills on leadership and advocacy.
  • Outcome 2: Relevant National and local government bodies in Vietnam and Myanmar are engaging with indigenous peoples and undertaking legal and policy review in line with the REDD+ international agreements, including the Cancun agreement on safeguards and the UN-REDD/FCPF Joint Stakeholder Engagement Guidelines.
  • Outcome 3: Indigenous peoples have secured lands for their livelihoods, enhancement of the traditional knowledge in sustainable forest management in partnerships with government bodies.

Objectives of the Evaluation: 

  • To analyze whether the project is still relevant
  • To assess if the objectives of the project are still valid
  • To evaluate if the objectives of the project are likely to be achieved
  • To assess the working approach of AIPP partner organizations with project beneficiaries and evaluate effectiveness and responsiveness of AIPP partners to meet the needs, priorities and aspirations of project beneficiaries
  • To provide an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and gaps in project implementation and identity lessons learned and formulate recommendations to steer project in the right direction in order to maximize impact

The Scope of the Evaluation:
The mid-term review will cover the project implementation from January 2016-October 2018. The main focus of this mid-term evaluation will be on the project implementation at local, national, regional and international levels, as well as outputs and impacts in socio-political realities and conditions at local and country levels in Myanmar and Vietnam from January 2016-October 2018.

The evaluation shall be done through the review of literature, project documents, project reports, and relevant materials, field visits to project implementation sites in two (02) countries; and interviews with beneficiaries, project partners and project proponent. AIPP and its partner organization shall fully cooperate with the evaluator in providing requested documents and materials and arranging for interviews and focused group discussions. The number of working days for the evaluation is as follows:

  1. Review of project documents, reports and relevant documents: 4 days
  2. Field Visit in 2 countries: 10 days (5 days in Myanmar and 5 days in Vietnam)
  3. Report writing (draft): 5 days
  4. Writing of final report: 2 days

The report shall be finalized in consultation with AIPP and its project partners. The debriefing of the evaluation report will be organized at AIPP Office in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Qualification of the Consultant:
The consultant shall have the following qualifications:

  1. In-depth knowledge and understanding of indigenous peoples’ rights, climate change and REDD+
  2. In-depth knowledge and understanding of capacity building and advocacy activities in the Mekong region
  3. At least 5 years’ experience on project impact evaluation work particularly with civil society organizations at global/regional/national levels
  4. Excellent verbal and writing skills in English
  5. High level of independence
  6. Able to travel to Myanmar and Vietnam

Output and Reporting
The consultant will prepare a draft evaluation report based on the desk review, field visits and interviews. The report shall be finalized in consultation with AIPP and its project partners.

The evaluation report shall be prepared in English. The report shall consist of an executive summary (2-4 pages) and the main report (10-20 pages) excluding annexes.

Time Frame of the Mid-term Review: October–November 2018

Date Activity Location
12 Oct Preparation for the Evaluation:
Consultation meeting with AIPP Management and Environment Team
Chiang Mai, Thailand
13-22 Oct Visit to two countries Myanmar and Vietnam
Oct-Nov Submission of a draft Report to AIPP and its partners for comment by 28 October
Finalization of the evaluation report by 1 Nov
Nov Presentation of the report to AIPP Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Fee and Remuneration:
Work Plan/
The work should be undertaken from October – November 2018. The total number of workdays should not exceed 21 days.

Interested candidates are requested to present a details work plan and financial proposal for their daily fee.

Forty percent of the fee will be paid upon signing the contract of agreement. The remaining sixty percent shall be fully paid upon acceptance of the final evaluation report by AIPP. Any extension of days of work shall not entail additional payment from AIPP.

AIPP shall cover tickets/airfares, accommodation and local travel expenses of the evaluations in Myanmar and Vietnam.

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