Bae Annabel Mansiguiao: Message from an Indigenous Woman Human Rights Defender from Philippines

I am Bae Annabel Mansiguiao, from Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.

We have an organization, Tagtabulon, a coming together of the Higaonons in Misamis Oriental.
During the time of Marcos, I, as a child, experienced militarization in our community.
And it is happening until now. Different communities here in the region – in Bukidnon, Agusan, Misamis Oriental – there has been several violations of human rights. There were those killed, captured, harassed. Our rights as Indigenous Peoples, were not respected.
That is why we, the Indigenous Peoples, are against Martial Law.

It hasn’t helped us develop, hasn’t given us livelihoods in our ancestral domain. Until now. What pains us is that our territory in Lagonglong – where our wealth is, where our sacred sites are, which supposedly should not be accessed by just anyone – this has not been respected. Anyone can just come in (military operations), and in fact, a mining company is coming.
That is why we strongly oppose Martial Law.

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