Asia Indigenous Observor September Edition

This month’s edition of Asia Indigenous Observor saw the launch of the HerStory podcast, an online safe space where indigenous women and their allies step into the ring and take the mic. Everything is on the table for a conversation around gender, intersectionality, indigenous feminism, and everything that must be talked about in the universe of indigenous women, in the unique yet varied voices of indigenous women.

We were fortunate to launch with award-winning indigenous journalist Makepeace Sitlhou who is also part of the Communications Programme affiliate network, Indigenous Voices of Asia and Naga Women’s Union representative Thingreiphi Lungharwo. In a powerful conversation, the conversation centred around the kinds of abuse indigenous women face in all spaces, from the domestic to the institutional.

In a happy coincidence, this month the Environment programme too launched a series of video diaries focussed on indigenous women and their key role as custodians of indigenous knowledge and its continued protection in their able hands.

Meanwhile, at the Secretariat, we had a gender mainstreaming training led by Pragyaa Rai, Indigenous Women’s programme Coordinator and Trimitra Chakma which turned out to be thought-provoking and engaging and led to reforms that centred around making AIPP a more gender sensitized workplace.

So here’s to indigenous women! More power to their collective voices and movements!

You can download the full version here

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