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Asia Indigenous Observor October Edition

This month’s Asia Indigenous Observer focuses partly on the stigmatized and neglected subject of mental health. When viewed from the lens of political violence by the carceral State where Indigenous Peoples have not only been historically colonized; their rights and resources being taken away by the State and very little done in terms of closing gaps between policy and practice, it is crucial for Indigenous Peoples to build resilience through collective healing in the relentless fight for survival. It, therefore, makes sense to analyze how political violence impacts the marginalized pushing them closer to the edge. The ways that abuse trickles down from the political to the personal. Do watch the Indigenous Routes podcast for more insights.

Elsewhere we bring you news from the ground in our Human Rights Radar from across the region where many of our IPHRDs valiant resist State harassment and the deathly march of extractive industries & what that means for our indigenous climate defenders now that 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) will be underway later this month.

We also bring you a selection of opinion columns including from our partner publisher Adivasi Lives Matters including various opportunities for indigenous youth to build their skills and capacities. This month AIPP will launch the Indigenous Peoples’ Self-government and Democracy where the aim is to prepare a pool of indigenous leaders who are schooled in the knowledge and practice of indigenous governance systems, such that the nucleus for a regional movement for indigenous sovereignty, self-determination, and democratization can be consolidated and advanced in Asia. Follow our social media channels for more details.

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