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AIPP Solidarity Message to Cordillera Day 2016


The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) salutes the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera for sustaining the struggle for land, life and self-determination. We are with you today in honoring the sacrifices made by Macliing Dulag and all Cordillera martyrs. We are with you in demanding for justice to all victims of human rights violations. We are with you in renewing our commitment to defend our rights and pursue social justice and true democracy. We are with you in celebrating our achievements in defense of our lands, territories and resources.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, while the Cordillera peoples successfully prevented the construction of the Chico dams more than 30 years ago, the insatiable greed of corporations and investors continues to destroy our lands and resources. Further, due to impunity, state terrorism and repression are resulting to massive human rights violations. We are witnessing today our collective survival as indigenous peoples, as well as our self-determination being seriously undermined. This condition is not only happening in the Cordillera, but also in the territories of indigenous peoples all over the Philippines and Asia.

The annual celebration of Cordillera Day is now a source of inspiration for indigenous peoples in Asia and beyond. This gathering demonstrates the strength and solidarity of the Cordillera peoples and their allies in pursuing their aspirations for self-determination in a just and democratic society. AIPP is truly inspired by the courage and determination of the Cordillera peoples, despite the difficulties and challenges in the face of oppression. AIPP takes pride in having the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) as one of its founding members.

As indigenous peoples in Asia, we have come a long way in building our solidarity and highlighting our common struggles and aspirations. We shall continue to support and inspire each other, and further build our unity and cooperation to realize the respect, recognition and exercise of our collective rights. AIPP remains committed to walk hand in hand with the peoples of the Cordillera.

Long live the Cordillera Peoples!

Long live international Solidarity!

Matago-tago taku lusan

Joan Carling

Secretary General