AIPP 2014 Annual Report: Advancing Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity and Movement

The year 2014 was a very productive year for AIPP in the sustained and expanded implementation of its programmes. The secretariat, in partnership with members and other organisations have implemented 8 multi-year projects in 11 countries in addition to other activities. Across all the programmes, awareness-raising and capacity building has intensified in at least 10 countries in Asia. The use of ICT and social media has proven to be an effective channel of information sharing (facebook, twitter), raising the visibility of the issues, struggles and aspirations of indigenous peoples in Asia. AIPPs work on capacity building also multiplied to cover other issues such as on climate change adaptation, securing land rights through community mapping, as well as on institutional building with trainings on organizational and finance management, leadership and advocacy among others.

One of the biggest advancement of AIPP in 2014 is the gender mainstreaming in line with its policy implementation. Aside from increased participation of women in AIPP activities, all the programmes have included in their publications, trainings and information sharing the specific issues, concerns, perspectives and aspirations of indigenous women in addition to specific activities on indigenous women. This key step forward is enlarging the knowledge and attention to indigenous women thereby raising their visibility.

As AIPP continues to be a solid regional platform for solidarity and cooperation of indigenous peoples in Asia, it needs to further systematize its programme implementation, and ensure that its rapid growth will be sustainable.

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