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Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact

AIPP: A Journey of Self-determination of Indigenous Peoples in Asia

In a world rich with diversity, Asia’s Indigenous Peoples have long faced unique challenges, striving to protect their rights, cultures, and territories.
Established in 1992, the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact is a regional organization committed to promoting and advocating for the rights of Indigenous Peoples across Asia. AIPP stands as a powerful voice for justice, equality, and self-determination.

Self-determination lies at the core of the AIPP’s mission. Across Asia, Indigenous Peoples face multifaceted challenges, such as loss of ancestral lands, environmental degradation, cultural erosion, and discrimination. Through self-determination, we seek to reclaim our rights and secure a future that honors our traditions, identities, and aspirations.

Land rights are central to the struggles of Asia’s Indigenous Peoples. Across the continent, our territories have faced encroachments from extractive industries, large-scale development projects, and land-grabbing. AIPP works tirelessly to empower communities, build capacity, and advocate for the recognition and protection of our ancestral lands and territories.

AIPP’s commitment extends beyond local engagement through active participation in international forums, forging partnerships with like-minded organizations, governments, and policymakers. By raising awareness and amplifying the voices of Asia’s Indigenous Peoples, we strive to secure their rightful place in shaping policies that affect our lives.

As custodians of the future, the AIPP invests in the next generation of indigenous leaders. They provide platforms for youth engagement, leadership training, and capacity-building. By nurturing their potential, the AIPP ensures that young indigenous voices are heard, respected, and actively involved in shaping their communities’ destinies.

The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact remains steadfast in its pursuit of justice, dignity, and self-determination for Asia’s Indigenous Peoples. This video is an ode to AIPP’s leaders past and present, members, allies and strategic partners who have continued the decades long fight for the self-determination of the Indigenous Peoples of Asia.

May we continue to strengthen our voices!