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Achievements and Challenges in Strengthening the Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders Network in Asia

The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact [AIPP] wishes to acknowledge and thank all those who were involved in the evaluation of Project EIDHR/2011/266456 which was funded by the European Union’s European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights [EIDHR].

AIPP deeply appreciates the dedicated cooperation and facilitation made by LAHURNIP in Nepal and the ICSO and CIYA in Cambodia, which made possible all the interactions of the evaluation team with the IPHRDs, their communities and the AIPP members.

This evaluation would not have been successfully accomplished without them. To Vanda Altarelli, AIPP wishes to thank her for the concise and frank assessment of the implementation of the project and the helpful recommendations she has made.

To all the project partners, for your dedicated work to build the capacity of community-based IPHRDs to monitor, document and report on human rights violations, to raise the level of awareness of indigenous communities on their rights and how to advocate for these, and your commitment to sustain the gains from these efforts, AIPP wishes to continue to engage with you in furthering the human rights work for the promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples.

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