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Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) Membership Application

According to the AIPP Constitution and Bylaws, Article VIII. Membership

Section 1. Membership to the AIPP is open to all indigenous peoples’ organizations and movements including organization of indigenous women and youth and ethnic based organizations located in Asia who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the AIPP.

Section 2. Organizations and movements wishing to become members of the AIPP are required to fill the application form and provide information about the organisation to the Executive Council shall be decide as a candidate member and the final approval shall be done by the General Assembly.

Section 3. Membership are based on three Categories depending on the level of the organization or movement:

  1. Local Category (local or community organizations/movements).
  2. Sub-National Category (state or provincial level organizations/movements).
  3. National Category (national level organizations/movements).

Section 4. There shall be over-all consideration to manageability and needs for consolidation of the organisation, geographical balance and membership of women and youth organizations.

Indigenous organizations and movements interested in being a member of AIPP are requested to fill in the attached Application Form and submit other relevant documents regarding the organization.

Please send by email to Mr. Gam Shimray at cc to Ms. Chanda Thapa at

Your application will be deliberated during the Executive Council meetings, whereby, if your application is approved, you will be considered as a Candidate Member. Endorsement of Candidate Members as full fledge members will be made at the AIPP General Assembly which meets once every four years. Each members are requested to pay the following annual membership fee:

  1. Local Category (local or community organizations/movements)- 20 USD/year
  2. Sub-National Category (state or provincial level organizations/movements)- 35 USD/year
  3. National Category (national level organizations/movements)- 50 USD/year

Please download the application form from this link: Application Form