Ethical Fundraising Policy

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)

Ethical Fundraising Policy



The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) is an independent organisation committed to promote and work for the respect, recognition and protection of human rights, particularly indigenous peoples’ rights; environment protection, social justice, peace and democracy.  In order to achieve its mission and goals, AIPP seeks partnerships and collaboration with donors, funders and relevant organisations and institutions.

AIPP aims to generate its finances from ethical sources. AIPP will thereby avoid seeking or taking funds from donors who derive their income from activities that violate human rights including the rights of   indigenous peoples, women and children, persons with disabilities, LGBT and marginalized sectors; or that cause environmental destruction or unsustainable resource extraction.  Further, partnerships with donors and funders shall be based on principles of mutual respect, accountability and transparency as well as on terms that are not contrary to the Mission, Vision and Goals of AIPP. These principles and values guide AIPP in generating its resources to support its work, particularly the implementation of its programmes and for institutional strengthening.


This Policy is a declaration of AIPP’s commitment to ethical fundraising and to assist the organization’s governance and management structure in conforming to ethical fundraising. The Policy also aims to ensure clarity, accountability and transparency among AIPP’s stakeholders.  Likewise, it is intended to avoid or minimise any risk of bringing the organisation into disrepute as a result of collaboration with or receiving funds from individuals and/or institutions with questionable record and/or objectives.


The Ethical Fundraising Policy applies to the Regional structures of AIPP, particularly the Executive Council (EC), the Regional Secretariat members in particular, the Secretary General (SG), the Secretariat’s management team, and AIPP staff and volunteers involved in fund-raising activities.  While this Policy is optional for members and project partners for their own fund-raising, they are, however, encouraged to adopt this Policy for their own organisation.

Ethical Fundraising Sources

In general, AIPP seeks and welcomes the financial support from diverse organisations, agencies and institutions in both private and public sectors, including from UN agencies and similar bodies. However, AIPP will not accept financial support from any donor or funder described below:

  • With credible evidence, the funder’s source of income is known or suspected to be derived from activities that violate human rights including the rights of Indigenous Peoples, women and children; or from activities that cause environmental destruction; or from illegal and unethical activities.
  • The funder’s interest is contradictory to, and/or conflicting with the Mission, Vision and Goals of AIPP.
  • The funder’s granting of funds to AIPP can potentially cause significant damage to the organization’s reputation or its relationships with its members or other stakeholders.
  • Acceptance of such funds may deter other funders/donors or jeopardise existing and future relationships with other donors or other sources of funds.


AIPP will undertake efforts to communicate this Ethical Fundraising Policy to all staff members, volunteers, the EC, member-organisations, project partners and donors. The Policy shall guide AIPP in the transparent implementation of its fund-raising activities including the publication of its annual audit report, along with the narrative report of AIPP. The audit report shall include the list of sources of funds.

Policy Administration

The SG will administer the Policy through the overall supervision of the fund-raising activities of the Regional Secretariat. Likewise, the Head of the Finance and Administration Section of the Secretariat shall keep a record of AIPP’s funding partners and donors, which shall be readily available at any time for review. The record shall be at least, of the last five (5) years.

Reporting and Monitoring

To carefully monitor any risks and ensure that fundraising is carried out according to this Policy, AIPP’s fundraising activities and update reports on these shall be submitted to the EC through its regular meetings.   The SG is responsible for reporting to the EC the following headings:

  • Fundraising income amounts and sources
  • Funding proposals prepared and submitted
  • Fundraising plans and future opportunities
  • Recommendations on fund-raising

The EC, based on its review, may decide to terminate contract/agreement and/or not renew any further agreement with any donor or funder if this Policy is proven to be violated.

Policy Review

This Ethical Fundraising Policy is subject to review and approval by the General Assembly every four (4) years, or more frequently, if circumstances require.  EC or simple majority of members might initiate the revisions.