AIPP Constitution and By Laws

Article VI. Rule of Order

Section 1. AIPP shall uphold consensus decision-making processes. If consensus among its members is not possible, decision-making shall be based on one vote per country/geographic division (of AIPP) and shall be decided through the following processes:

  1. Voting shall be conducted among its members in each country/geographic division to decide on its vote. Each country/geographic division (of AIPP) then shall vote in the General Assembly to exercise its voting rights.

Article VII: The AIPP Secretariat

Section 1: The composition of the secretariat shall be based on the needs for programme implementation and the financial capacity of AIPP.

Section 2: The SG and the Executive Council shall define the tasks and responsibilities as well as the TOR for the Deputy Secretary General; and the SG and the Executive Council shall conduct a regular assessment of the performance of the Deputy SG.

Section 3: The secretariat operations shall be based on the Staff Policies and Guidelines of AIPP as approved by the EC and to be reviewed based on request or recommendations from the secretariat or any of the EC members.

Section 4: The secretariat may hire or include volunteers based on the needs and requirements for supervision and other considerations.

Section 5. The following shall be the duties of the AIPP Secretariat:

  1. The Secretariat shall report on the progress of its work to the Executive Council through the Secretary General.
  2. The Secretariat shall be responsible for preparing project proposals, narrative and financial reports to donors as well as the annual report of AIPP.
  3. The secretariat shall abide by and implement the AIPP Policies and Guidelines, as well as to adhere to the Constitution and Bylaws of AIPP.

Article VIII. Effectivity and amendment

Section 1. This Constitution and By Laws shall take effect immediately upon its ratification by the members.