AIPP Constitution and By Laws

(Approved by the delegates of the 6th General Assembly of AIPP on 8th September 2012)



We, the indigenous peoples’ organizations and movements in Asia having come together in mutual trust and respect for one another; having shared, discussed and deeply reflected on the history, present situation concerns and aspirations of our people; having affirmed our commitment to assert our right to our homeland and ancestral domain; and having declared our right to self determination to protect, utilize and develop our lands territories and resources in ways appropriate to our traditions, values and culture, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution and By Laws.

Article I. Name

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact hereafter referred to as AIPP.

Article II. Office

Section 1: The Secretariat of the AIPP shall be located at any place decided upon by the General Assembly.

Article III. Seal

Section 1: The logo of the organization is:


The weaving pattern in the logo represents the sisterhood and brotherhood of indigenous peoples in Asia—the interconnectedness and harmonious relationship, as well as the richness of indigenous peoples’ cultures. In the weaving pattern, the letters “AIPP” is actually woven together to signify the role and meaning of the existence of AIPP. The color red, being predominant among the indigenous peoples in Asia, symbolizes collective power and solidarity of indigenous peoples’ struggles. The white stars on the left and right wings symbolize the sub-regional formations of AIPP. The colored letters “AIPP” signifies “ecosystem peoples”, indigenous peoples.